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The above suggests Nanette felt her flirtations with Hegel were serious enough to be worth confessing. Still, it should not be forgotten that Nanette and Hegel had been under the watchful eyes of Hegel's father and sister in the family home. Moreover, they were of different religious affiliations. Hegel probably had some concern for the dignity of his position as a member of the household and as a recently graduated member of the Protestant clergy. , about his academic title as Master [24, 25]-as much as he teased her.

But ever since irihaling Palatine air I hiss only fine '' ists. -Briefe I, a F RAN K F U R T HEGEL / I 57 442], could have the idea of calling you roguish I do not understand at all. Against that charge brashly invoke my own testimony. Who will say of water that it is hard, of a lamb that it is impatient, of a brook that it flows upward, or of a tree that it grows downward! There is also a Catholic church here, or several, I believe. I already saw many a dirty Capuchin running about. But they seem to me stricter father confessors than the one to whom you usually confess, and I do not believe that you would get off so cheaply here.

So many a time you have been my mentor when my own disposition made a foolish lad of me, and you will still have to assume this role many a time again. [21] HOLDERLIN OR SCHELLING'! It is not difficult to conclude from the above correspondence that Holderlin's and Hegel's expectations of each other were too high for disappointment not to have been inevitable. Holderlin's failure to achieve reconciliation with the modem 50 I world through art and poetry was inevitable. After arriving in Frankfurt, Hegel never again mentions the poet's name in his letters-except in response to Schelling or von Sinclair.

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