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By John Robert Greene

"Presidential Profiles" is a brand new sequence that highlights the administrations of the newest U.S. Presidents. prepared in an easy-to-use, A-to-Z layout, each one quantity specializes in a selected management, together with an advent, a bit of biographical entries, a chronology that spans the historical past of the management, and masses extra. broad appendixes comprise vital records resembling inaugural addresses, vital presidential speeches, tables directory the individuals of the White condominium employees, cupboard individuals, and contributors of Congress and the Senate. those well timed, fact-filled compendiums are written for top tuition and school scholars and function tremendous assets for somebody drawn to American executive or those choose presidents.

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However, in the fall election, he was beaten by Arkansas governor BILL CLINTON. Currently, George H. W. Bush is a resident of Houston, Texas, and he summers in Kennebunkport, Maine. He sits on the board of visitors of MD Anderson Hospital and on the board of the Episcopal Church Foundation, and he serves on the vestry of St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Maine. He is the grandfather of 14 children and father of the 43rd president, GEORGE W. BUSH. —JH Bush, George W(alker) (1946– ) general managing partner, Texas Rangers; adviser to the president The firstborn son of George H.

This served only to exacerbate the tension in that Soviet republic. Gorbachev found himself losing the support of his Communist hard-liners, but Bush continued to back his partner in the Gulf War coalition—to the consternation of Republican conservatives, who joined in the clamor supporting independence for the Baltic states. Despite Bush’s support, Gorbachev finally lost his grasp on power. On August 18, 1991, he was put under house arrest in his dacha on the Black Sea. The coup was poorly planned and it ultimately failed; three days after Gorbachev’s return, the Communist Party was voted out of existence in the Soviet Union.

One year later, on August 2, 1990, Iraqi president SADDAM HUSSEIN invaded Kuwait and threatened to enter Saudi Arabia. Within hours of the attack Bush’s talent for diplomacy took over. On August 3, Bush spoke with every principal leader in the Western alliance to create a coalition that was later used to defend the Iraqi invaders. The coalition included the Soviet Union, which was crucial, bearing in mind the past tensions between the two nations. On August 21, Bush sent 425,000 American troops and 118,000 troops from coalition allies to the Persian Gulf to secure Saudi Arabia and remove the Iraqi army from Kuwait in a maneuver dubbed Operation Desert Shield.

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