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By Sergio Zyman

advertising and marketing at the present time does not paintings. Or so says the "Aya Cola," Sergio Zyman, former advertising and marketing czar of Coca-Cola and particularly very likely the main well-known advertising gadfly on this planet. exceptional, irascible, unconventional, Zyman is healthier identified for reinventing the Coca-Cola Company's advertising process through spearheading the worldwide launches of nutrition Coke, New Coke, vintage Coke, Fruitopia, and Sprite. Now, during this brisk and progressive e-book, Zyman indicates why previous ways to advertising have misplaced their fizz--and how you can get a bounce at the strateies that might paintings within the twenty-first century.

Zyman explores such themes as:

  • Why feel-good advertising is unnecessary until it ends up in sales
  • Why advertising is a technological know-how now not an art
  • How a well-honed approach is extra very important to luck than what advertisements say
  • And a lot more

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All of these brands (yes, people can be brands, too) had as close to 100 percent name recognition as you can get, and they still failed. Why? Basically because after they built themselves into national brands, they kicked back, rested on their laurels, and expected everything to take care of itself. They also forgot one of the most important lessons in business: If you don’t give customers a reason to buy—and keep hitting them over the head with it—they won’t. Don’t believe me? We already talked about Polaroid, but what about Singer (sewing machines) and Smith Corona (typewriters)?

I’m not smart, just practical. The problem with this whole thing is that if someone’s going to give you a check to spend any way you want, it’s only natural to try to get as much money as you can, not as much as you need. And if you don’t happen to get the blank check you’re looking for, the natural thing is to try to hoard your money, which means that when someone comes in the door with a great idea for a new project, you’re going to tell her that you can’t afford it. The solution is to give every project a budget and to effectively make each one a separate profit center.

The AFLAC Duck AFLAC is an insurance company that most people hadn’t heard of until around July 2000 (the company itself estimates that name recognition was about 2 percent in 1990). But then they ran their first commercial featuring a duck who runs around quacking “AAA-FLACK” at people who need insurance. Sounds like a dopey proposition, but it works. S. sales have risen 25 percent, and the trend is continuing. My company, Zyman Marketing Group, did an exhaustive analysis of the qualities that award-winning ads have in common.

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