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By Heather Lehr Wagner

This sequence examines the $64000 factor of the importance of arbitrary borders in international background those reports describe arbitrary borders as areas the place humans engage otherwise from the way in which they'd had the boundary now not existed Analytical, yet effortless to learn, those short histories will attract a wide sweep of readership eu leaders accumulated after WWI to carve up the Ottoman Empire into new states that they believed would receive advantages ecu pursuits. The legacy of this treaty continues to be being written...

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Austria invaded Serbia, triggering the activation of a series of alliances that been designed previously among the various powers in Europe. Soon, Great Britain, France, and Russia had aligned against Germany and Austria-Hungary. At first, the Ottoman Empire seemed likely to pursue a policy of neutrality, but ultimately those within the government who were aligned with Germany helped swing the empire into a position of support for the Central Powers. They viewed it as an opportunity to strike out against Russia, which had long threatened Ottoman territories, and to once more seize British-held Egypt.

These raids accomplished little. A final massive assault began in mid-1916, but it never succeeded in recapturing the canal—or Egypt—from British forces. As the war progressed in the regions of Syria, Egypt, and Palestine, the Ottoman forces were crippled by poor transportation systems and by sabotage of their supplies. The Arab revolt added to the challenge as raiding bands of Arabs launched guerrilla attacks on railways, bridges, and supply caravans. British forces were able to use their base in Egypt as a launching point for the region, seizing territory in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq.

The Allies felt that the Ottomans’ demands—including an end to the hated capitulations—were too high. They believed that the Ottoman Empire possessed little in the way of military strength and that its defeat could easily be accomplished. Russia was eager to seize Istanbul and gain control of the Turkish Straits. The British were eager to protect their routes to India. France was interested in Syrian territory. The Allied powers decided to refuse the Ottoman request for an alliance and instead allow it to join forces with Germany.

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