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G7 C G7 C G7 C G7 C So - o - o, I - - - - - - should have realized a lot of things before, C G7 Am If this is love you've gotta give me more, F G7 C Give me more, hey, hey, hey, give me more. (Guitar solo) C G7 C C C G7 G7 G7 Am C G7 C F G7 G7 C C C G7 54 G7 C G7 C G7 G7 G7 C G7 C G7 The Beatles I - - - - - - Complete Songbook never realized what a kiss could be, C G7 Am This could only happen to me, F E7 Can't you see, can't you see? Am F C E7 That when I tell you that I love you, oh, Am F C You're gonna say you love me too - oo - oo - oo - oo, oho, G7 C Am And when I ask you to be mine, G7 C You love me too, G7 C F F G7 C G7 you're gonna say you love me too.

Waa--aa-aaaaa----ait mister postman Chorus -----A Mister postman look and see (oh yeah) F#m Is there a letter in your bag for me? (Please, please, mr postman) 36 The Beatles Complete Songbook D I've been waiting such a long time (woah yeah) E Since I heard from that girlfriend of mine Verse 1 ------A There must be some word today F#m >From my girlfriend so far away D Please Mr. ) ------I've been standing waiting mister postman So ooo --o ooo so patiently For just a card or just a letter Saying she's returning home to me Chorus Verse 3 ------So many days you pass me by You saw the tear standing in my eye You wouldn't stop to make me feel better By leaving me a card or a letter Chorus Outro You better wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Wait a minute, wait a minute (You gotta) Wait a minute, wait a minute Check it and see one more time for me (You gotta) Wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Mister po-oo---ooo--stman, Deliver the de letter the sooner the better Wait a minute, wait a minute etc.....

Then we will re-mem-ber things we said today. 3. Then we will re-mem-ber things we said today. A D B7 E7 A 2,3. Me I'm just the lucky kind, love to hear you say that love is love, D B7 Bb7 2,3. And though we may be blind, love is here to stay and that's e(Repeat 3rd verse) When I get home When I Get Home - The Beatles Tabbed by Adam Bishop I finally figured this out! I'm pretty sure it's right. com (Jim Campobello) Subject: YouCantDoThat, Beatles You Can't Do That Lennon/McCartney D I got something to say that might cause you pain, If I catch you talking to that boy again, G D I'm gonna let you down, and leave you flat.

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