Download The Art Of Banana Leaf Folding: Art Crumps by Rajani Ramkumar, Chatura Ajith, Uma Balaji, Malathi Satish, PDF

By Rajani Ramkumar, Chatura Ajith, Uma Balaji, Malathi Satish, Chitra Sankar, Shyamala Ganesh, Nithin Sagi

This booklet "THE artwork OF BANANA LEAF FOLDING" through paintings CRUMPS caters to paintings fans at any ability point. each one layout is defined like a recipe and you'll be a grasp chef to exploit your originality and create a brand new layout. during this booklet our aim is to coach you every thing we all know. Take no matter what we say as a consultant and use this as a spring board to your personal creativity. The designs depicted can be utilized repeatedly to yield very various effects. upload up the variety of materials for certain designs and pare it down for a extra informal glance. The designs during this ebook exhibit diverse ideas, each one prepared by itself in addition to together with various fabrics. The gear required is definitely on hand and cheap.

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Cut the centre stems and soak the leaves in vinegar water for 10 minutes. (Ratio: For half bucket water, add 2 tablespoons vinegar) 3. Remove the leaves from water and wipe clean. 4. Cut a strip of banana leaf 1½″ to 2″ as required. Use the first strip as a template to cut more strips. 5. Foldings can be prepared the previous day, wrapped in a wet cloth and stored. It can also be stored in a polythene bag in the refrigerator. 6. All the foldings should be of the same colour and uniform size. 7.

8a Zig Zag Folding no. 10 Leaf rose Chequered Tray Embellish Folding no. 19a Ruffles Folding no. 12 Leaf Rose Swivel Butterfly Festive Designs Thoranam Embellish Folding no. 19a Instructions: Measure the width of the frame where the thoranam has to be tied. Accordingly cut a thick transparent plastic sheet of 4″ width. Fold it into half lengthwise and staple the ends. Insert a plastic wire through it to tie the thoranam. Make required number of foldings, using Folding no. 19 a. Staple the foldings firmly to the top edge of the plastic sheet.

Staple 2 times to hold the folding firmly. Cut the extra leaf to form a circle. Make as many circles as required, place them one above the other, in such a way so as to hide the staples. Ribbon Twist: Folding No. 13 Hold the strip of 1″ width horizontally with both hands. Fold it into half. Fold again from the centre, keeping the left fold slightly lower than the right one. Holding the tip, fold the left portion exactly upto the left edge, such that a triangular fold is formed. With the support of the forefinger, slightly twist the right portion.

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