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By Liz Sonneborn

The tale of Florida, the twenty seventh nation of the Union, has been characterised via non-stop progress. Named los angeles Florida through Juan Ponce de Leon, the light country replaced arms quite a few occasions as quite a few explorers who observed the ordinary fantastic thing about the sector determined to say it for themselves. sooner than the sixteenth century, an envisioned 350,000 local americans lived during this unsettled area. eu explorers later brought illnesses that tremendously lowered the local American inhabitants. Florida was once made a Spanish colony, replaced possession to nice Britain, after which went again less than Spanish regulate with the Treaty of Paris in 1783. In 1810, Floridians declared their independence from Spain. Sensing a chief chance, President James Madison and Congress claimed the zone as a part of the Louisiana buy of 1803. the U.S. took formal ownership of Florida in 1821, and the country used to be admitted to the Union in 1845. learn the attention-grabbing heritage in "The Acquisition of Florida".

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Madison tried to sell the occupation as an act of ­self-­defense. S. territory. He claimed he had every right as president to send in troops to quell the unrest there. No matter how flimsy his justification, Madison guessed correctly that the government of Spain was in such turmoil that it could not organize a response to his land grab. S. troops into the area. The brazen challenge to Spanish claims to West Florida outraged Luis de Onís (1769–1830), a Spanish diplomat who had been in the United States since 1809.

Negotiator Robert Living­ ston, who based his interpretation on maps that dated from the early eighteenth century. Spain, however, countered quite rightly that, according to newer maps that dated from 1763, when Great Britain transferred the Floridas to Spain, the contested stretch of West Florida was most definitely part of that territory and not part of Louisiana. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the seeds of this idea—that the land between the rivers was part of Louisiana— were sown. America’s leaders continued to claim that, with the Louisiana Purchase, the United States had bought much of West Florida.

In contrast, in East Florida, these conflicts caused devastating and ­long-­term changes. The Patriot War left the region a wasteland. The Creek War stirred 45 46 The Acquisition of Florida up a simmering hatred between the Seminole and the Americans. The War of 1812 and the conflict with the Creek raised the national profile of Andrew Jackson, giving him more power in American politics than he had had before. These events also reinforced Jackson’s sense that his future and that of the Floridas were deeply entwined.

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