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By Shubhra Krishan

This compact yet finished quantity comprises easy-to-follow useful easy methods to remodel your way of life to successfully deal with that dreaded scourge referred to as tension (and its aftereffects) whereas slogging from nine to five (and beyond)! annoyed, frazzled and fatigued, Uma, the fictitious-but-very-real heroine of this tale (a top-level government within the company world), undergoes a worried breakdown simply because she has been disadvantaged of a promoting that are supposed to have rightfully been hers as she has labored day and evening for it. Her strength degrees have hit rock-bottom. thankfully, a 'saviour' involves her rescue within the nick of time. within the house of some months, she is reworked from a digital zombie to a 9-to-5 yogi! How? Nope, she doesn't stream to the Himalayas. Or subscribe to Swami-something-Ananda. All she does is make a few basic adjustments to her regimen (suggested by way of a down-to-earth yoga guru besides priceless inputs from her 'saviour') that paintings wonders for her at the same time she maintains...

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Hmm, this is good. Not the regular saunf, eh? ’ ‘Yes, you’re right. I have mixed together some roasted saunf with the plain variety. ’ ‘Cool …’ ‘Okay the deal with the doshas is: they’re probably the only unavoidable term you’ll need to know if you want to understand Ayurveda. There are hundreds of others, of course, and it’s nice if you know a few, but that’s optional. However, you will need to sit with me when you have some time. An hour, maybe. ’ She glances at her watch. ‘No way. 30 sharp.

At this point, I step out for a bit, to let the Seeker connect fully with the Master. BETWEEN YOU AND ME What the vaidya is telling Uma is not even a hundredth of what he has come to know about her in the space of just a few minutes. The truth is, the moment his fingers connect with your skin, lightning-quick signals from your body begin travelling to him. This knowledge is called naadi vigyan or pulse diagnosis. ’ I ask, while we wait for a gaggle of goats to clear out of our way. ‘It was, er … interesting.

I guess I’m pretty much like fire: intense, hot-tempered …. Or lately, more earth, maybe? More grounded, I think. I don’t know, actually. ’ He then breathes deeply, preparing to take Uma into one of the most fascinating realms of Ayurveda. There is an interruption. Buzz. Buzzzz. It’s her cellphone. She glances at the screen. ‘Sorry, I’ll have to take this call,’ she says, and excuses herself from the room. She’s back in less than a minute, looking angry. ‘My boss. Wants me to attend an urgent meeting.

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