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By Helen Gilhooly

Now studying non-Roman-alphabet languages is as effortless as A-B-C! Readers desirous to study the fundamentals of analyzing and writing a brand new language that employs script will locate all they want within the train your self Beginner's Script sequence. each one ebook encompasses a step by step creation to interpreting and writing in a brand new language in addition to counsel and perform workouts to construct newbies' abilities. due to the specialists at train your self, script will not be all "Greek" to language learners--unless in fact, it really is Greek script! train your self Beginner's Script sequence books function: Origins of the language a scientific method of getting to know the script plenty of "hands-on" workouts and actions sensible examples from real-life events

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Object-complement) It will be observed that again subject-complements ‘refer back’ to the subject, whereas object-complements ‘refer back’ to the object. g. time, place, speaker’s feelings. Because they are least closely integrated into the structure of the clause, they are mobile within the clause. : 24 Amy eats, these days, all her vegetables. (Noun phrase acting as adverbial) 25 Really, Amy likes all her vegetables. (Adverb phrase acting as an adverbial) 26 Amy eats all her vegetables with great enthusiasm.

Thus the ‘dummy’ auxiliary verbs don’t etc. are common in negative verb phrases. Examples in Present-Day English are 77 Amy won’t eat her breakfast. 78 She doesn’t like carrots. Constructions such as I know not are archaic; see p. 138 below. There are of course many other terms and notions necessary for full linguistic description. These will be discussed as they arise in the following chapters, where the linguistic terminology described here will be used to discuss early states of the language.

Different vowels are made by a combination of the following procedures: raising and lowering the tongue; pushing the tongue forward or dragging it back; opening the mouth or making it less open (on the scale open, mid-open, mid-close and close); rounding or unrounding the lips. It is usual to define a vowel with reference to the positioning of the highest point of the tongue combined with the presence or absence of lip-rounding. Thus for the sound represented by ee in feed, the highest point of the tongue is at the front of the mouth and the lips are unrounded, whereas for the sound represented by oo in food (Received Pronunciation (RP) accent) the highest point of the tongue is at the back of the mouth and the lips are rounded.

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