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This publication provides crucial info in surgical oncology in an simply obtainable demeanour. it may be learn in the course of the size of a rotation on a surgical oncology provider. Chapters are prepared by means of organ involvement. each one bankruptcy starts off with epidemiology and screening following through equipment of analysis, preoperative evaluate and staging. treatments and results and post-treatment surveillance are defined. vital points of radiation and systemic treatments also are addressed in separate chapters. long ago numerous years a brand new new release of surgical oncologists has been expert within the U.S. Few educational progams at the moment are and not using a provider dedicated to surgial oncology. This booklet is written to assist that team of surgical oncologists in education surgeons to turn into proficient collaborators in scientific decision-making. This entire spiral-bound instruction manual suits within the pocket of a health facility coat.

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Since most cases indicate an underlying malignancy, treatment should be directed at removing the primary tumor. Either total mastectomy or partial mastectomy with postoperative radiation therapy is used to treat mammary Paget’s. Lymph nodes are only removed if there is evidence of an invasive cancer. Wide local excision is the treatment for extramammary Paget’s. Merkel cell carcinoma is one of the most aggressive NMSC. Merkel cells arise from a pluripotential basal cell in the epithelium. 4 About 700 cases of Merkel cell cancer are reported in the literature.

These melanomas may arise in dysplastic nevi or de novo. Surgical Oncology, edited by David N. Krag. ©2000 Landes Bioscience. 1. Characteristics of ultraviolet light Wavelength Characteristics UVA 320-400 nm penetrates deeper (dermis) and may be responsible for changes of aging; may play a role in carcinogenesis UVB 290-320 nm responsible for sunburn and melanin production; probably the most important for carcinogenesis UVC 200-290 nm should be completely absorbed by the ozone Dysplastic nevus syndrome (B-K mole syndrome, or atypical mole syndrome) is often associated with a family history of melanoma, and when that does occur, the patient has approximately a 100% lifetime risk of melanoma.

If only the radial growth is seen it is called a Hutchinson’s Freckle or Lentigo Maligna. Radial growth is not associated with malignancy. 2) Superficial Spreading Melanoma 70% of cutaneous melanomas Intermediate aggressiveness Median age is fifth decade of life Males equal females Should see both radial and vertical growth phases Vertical growth is associated with the nodular areas of the lesion, and is associated with greater potential to metastasize. These lesions have the characteristic variation in color, irregular borders, and irregular surface 3) Nodular Melanoma 15-30% of melanomas Most aggressive type Peak is fifth decade of life Twice more common in males than females Common to occur in normal skin and not from pre-existing nevi Usually bluish-black, but may be more uniform in color and borders Almost all vertical growth 4) Acral Lentiginous Melanoma 2-8% of whites; but 35-60% of dark skinned people Occurs on palms, soles, and subungual locations Long radial growth phase followed by the vertical growth phase with its usual increase in metastatic potential.

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