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By Frederic Luskin, Ken Pelletier

At Stanford college, Drs. Lusking and Pelletier built ten scientifically confirmed abilities for casting off the strain, anxiousness and ache that take place all too usually in everyday life. those lifestyles abilities supply a origin for residing a more fit and happier existence.

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They were introduced to the LifeSkills one at a time and asked to practice them. The success of this project showed us that our methods were effective even without a nurse to teach them. 34 STRESS FREE FOR GOOD Another project used the Stress Free program as a core component of a nurse-based education program to help people who already had heart disease. This study was conducted at various sites around the country with patients suffering from angina, a cardiovascular-based pain that’s the result of reduced blood flow.

The reason stress is dangerous is that your body reacts the same way to an incorrect energy bill as it does to extreme turbulence in a plane. Your body reacts the same way to a rude agent when you’re calling an airline to complain about service as it does to confronting a bear in the woods. In each situation your body gears up to protect you from danger. But where does all that gearing up get you? There’s little that running or 42 STRESS FREE FOR GOOD fighting will do either in an airplane going through turbulence or in your living room as you read your latest utility bill.

In order to engage our survival skills, we focus solely on the immediate danger. This focus keeps our attention on the problem at hand, but it limits our reasoning powers for finding solutions. For example, when a car is about to cross the divider and hit you, all of your attention and action are concentrated on getting out of the way. Instead of thinking about the danger, you react to it. As noted earlier, one of the survival mechanisms of the stress response is that blood flow diminishes to the prefrontal cortex and shifts to the limbic system.

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