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This new sequence of nonfiction readers will seize a student's curiosity from the first actual web page! Designed with reluctant readers in brain, those riveting 64-page softcover books supply brief chapters on high-interest headlines. every one bankruptcy is its personal mini-book, which incorporates a timeline, keyword phrases, and fascinating proof. interesting black and white images maintain the pages turning. A bibliography encourages additional topical reading.\n\nImagine being hundreds of thousands of miles out to sea. the elements indicates no mercy. no matter if stuck in a typhoon, shot down through a torpedo, or compelled overboard through an indignant workforce, being stranded at sea is a daunting adventure. examine that we've got but to tame the oceans.\n\n

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Rather than zigzagging the Lusitania, Turner ordered the ship to go straight through the waters. This broke British orders. Zigzagging was meant to make it harder for subs to shoot a large ship. Turner thought this was a waste of time and fuel. , Turner got a coded message from Vice Admiral Coke. Because it was in code, Turner could not read it on deck. He went to his cabin to decipher the message. While he was working on the first message, Turner got another message from Coke. This one was not in code.

The United Nations (UN) believes one-third of all the boat people died at sea. Storms often tossed their tiny fishing boats, drowning all aboard. Many others died of dehydration and starvation. The boats were overloaded, and the refugees did not have the supplies they needed to survive a great voyage. Koh Kra Island Stranded at sea, the refugees hoped to find a better place. This, however, was not what many found. Pirates took some refugees to Koh Kra Island. 54 Koh Chang Koh Kra Koh Kood Life at sea was bad, but life on Koh Kra Island was even worse.

It set up refugee camps in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In the late 1980s, some Vietnamese decided to return home. They missed loved ones too much. By the late 1990s, almost 57,000 boat people had returned to Vietnam. But many others did not want to return to Vietnam. The government was still Communist. In January 1996, the UN stopped funding the refugee camps. Now the remaining boat people had to return to 58 Vietnam if they could not look after themselves. In 1996, more than 40,000 boat people lived in UN refugee camps.

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