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By Melissa Marr

With "Old Habits," Melissa Marr returns to the ravishing global of Faerie with a narrative set among her bestselling novels Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. lately anointed king of the darkish court docket, Niall struggles to forge a brand new dating along with his subjects—and with the previous darkish King, Irial, his once-friend, once-enemy, and now possible-advisor.

"Stopping Time" is a thrilling e-story unique sequel to the bestselling Ink Exchange. Leslie walked clear of the darkish courtroom, decided to reclaim her existence and stay it on her personal terms—even if it intended forsaking the 2 faeries who love her. She is familiar with Niall and Irial watch over her, and he or she could provide nearly something to maintain them from hurting. yet she resists the pull to be with both of them. somebody is familiar with approximately Leslie's prior, in spite of the fact that, and is rationale on utilizing her to arrive the fey. And he does not care who will get hurt….

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Calling out for help seemed dangerous. Her brother had been behind the horrors she couldn’t forget. If I call for them, they’ll kill him. Once, she had wanted to believe he was sick, that he could get well if he got help. Addiction is a disease, that’s what she’d reminded herself. It didn’t mean the things he’d done, the thing he was currently doing, were okay, though. Not every addict wants to get well. “We’ll go to your place, and you can call them,” Ren said. “He can pay me more, or I can take him to them.

No one will hurt her. ” Irial shook his head. “Once, I was the King of Nightmares. Now, I’m something else. ” Michael narrowed his gaze. ” “She is,” Irial said. ” The boy held out his hand. ” Irial shook the mortal’s hand. “I know. I watch when you can’t see me too. ” Michael didn’t reply, but he didn’t need to. Irial had watched the mortal talk to her, escort her to her building, say things that made her smile. He was a good human. Unfortunately for him, he was also half in love with Leslie, ready to protect her from threats.

That was the challenge, the dilemma she couldn’t resolve: his nearness made her feel safe, made her feel loved and valued, but it reminded her of what she couldn’t have. Two faeries, arguably the two most tempting faeries in the world, loved her, and she couldn’t be with either of them—not without sacrificing too much. She couldn’t be a good person and be in their world. Maybe if they were part of any other faery court or if she were a different sort of person, she could build a life with them, but the future she’d have in the Dark Court wasn’t a future that she could accept.

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