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By Patrick Ussher

Stoicism, the classical philosophy as a lifestyle practised through the Greeks and Romans, keeps to resonate within the glossy international. With over 40 essays and reflections, this e-book is concurrently a advisor to practicing Stoicism on your personal existence and to the entire varied points of the trendy Stoic revival. you'll know about Stoic functional knowledge, advantage, how one can relate correctly to others and the character of Stoic pleasure. you'll learn of life-stories via those that education Stoicism this day, dealing with sickness and different adversities, and of the way Stoicism will be valuable in lots of components of recent existence, from cultivating calm within the on-line international to contributing new strategies to the environmental hindrance. And, like the historic Stoics did, key questions glossy Stoics usually ask are debated similar to: do you want God to be a Stoic? Is the Stoic an ascetic? Containing either sensible knowledge and philosophical mirrored image, this booklet - the second one within the Stoicism this present day sequence - is for an individual drawn to working towards the Stoic lifestyles within the sleek international.

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Epictetus would have approved: “Here you see the beginning of philosophy, in the discovery of the conflict of men’s minds with one another, and the attempt to seek for the reason of this conflict, and the condemnation of mere opinion, as a thing not to be trusted; and a search to determine whether your opinion is true, and an attempt to discover a standard, just as we discover the balance to deal with weights and the rule to deal with things straight and crooked. 11) Whether this volume is the beginning or a continuation of your journey into Stoicism, it will provide you with much food for thought, as well as — more importantly — much inspiration for action.

It is understood increasingly that Stoicism had a considerable influence on those who devised the cognitive behavioural therapy approach but the fact of this influence should not be taken to indicate that CBT and Stoicism are actually that similar. They are not. For CBT, as Evans argues, is essentially amoral, overly scientific (and one might add overly rationalistic), and leaves out the crucial role of values. Evans suggests that a new form of CBT could include discussion of ethical aims and values, not just Stoic ones, but a wide range of conceptions of virtue ethics from the ancient and modern world, leaving the ‘patient’ (if we have to use that word) free to decide for himself which values-system seems the most well-thought out.

The reason I find all of this exciting and compelling is because modern Stoicism (the movement, not just specifically the organization putting out this collection) seems to be as vibrant, intellectually challenging, of practical use, and open to debate both internally and externally as the ancient Stoa itself was. The Greco-Roman Stoics were in constant dialogue among themselves. For example, Posidonius, during the intermediate period known as the “middle Stoa,” disagreed with the earlier Stoics about the nature of the passions, and attempted to mediate between Stoicism on the one hand and Platonism and Aristotelianism on the other.

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