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VIBRATORY MOTION 40 Question 32. The magnitude of an acceleration is given by the rate at which the speed increases. Thus from a graph of speed it is possible to get a graph of acceleration in the same manner in which the graph of speed is obtained from the graph of displaceIn the case of a simple harmonic motion how does the acceleration-time curve compare with the displacement-time curve? ment. The answers by making celeration. cause it is to questions 31 a and 32 have been found use of graphs for displacement, speed, and ac- The answer beto question 32 is of interest in which related to a second way simple closely harmonic motion is sometimes defined.

CHAPTER TWO THE PRODUCTION OF VARIOUS NOISES Pulses of Compression and Rarefaction. We have heard footsteps, thunder, the crumpling of paper, the pattering of rain, the babbling of a brook, and many other familiar noises. How are these sounds produced ? Do we 8. all feel fairly sure that the explanations can we test our explanations ? we give are correct? How Let us begin with an exploding mass of powder room than the firecracker. is powder from which it was formed be held in by a considerable pressure.

When two simple harmonic motions have perpendicular directions some very Several of these entertaining and beautiful results occur. are shown in Fig. 12, and further discussion of them will be given in Art. 50. Question 36. Can you devise some simple method of checking the frequency ratios that are given at the left in Fig. 12? CHAPTER FOUR SIMPLE TONES AND COMBINATIONS OF TONES 16. the ear to Ohm's Law. When several sounds are we know that it is often possible to pay some of them When to the exclusion of others.

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