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Achieve a greater figuring out of ways and why the mind motives us to sleep and to dream, how sleep styles paintings, and the way goals healthy into the sleep strategy.

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Severe cases are treated by the insertion of a breathing cylinder into the trachea. The cylinder can be closed off during waking hours. Risk factors for sleep apnea include enlarged tonsils and lymph nodes, obesity, and a small airway. Sleep apnea is sometimes successfully treated by surgical procedures that cut away or use laser beams to remove excess tissue at the back of the throat. Another approach is to use a mask that blows air into the nose at a slightly higher pressure than the surrounding air pressure.

These workers used PET scans to map the human brain during REM sleep. A radioactive glucose solution was injected into the brain to make blood flow visible. Blood flow is an index of nervous system activity. In the PET scans, active areas of the brain appear lighted, whereas inactive areas remain dark. The study revealed that the visual cortex, as well as the areas used to process sensory information, was inactive. The most active areas Sleep Research were those dealing with emotion (limbic system) and old memories (hippocampus).

These data illustrate that a correlation between two variables does not demonstrate causality. Other factors may be involved. BRAIN AREAS AND DREAMS A study by University of Pennsylvania psychologists Martin Seligman and Amy Yellen in 1987 found that bursts of rapid eye movements during sleep coincided with bursts of activity in the visual cortex. Contradictory evidence was provided by a 1997 study at the NIH led by Allen Braun and Thomas J. Balkin. These workers used PET scans to map the human brain during REM sleep.

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