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By John C Lilly

Simulations of God is an excellent, provocative paintings through one of many nice artistic scientists of the 20 th century, John Lilly, M.D.. In it he examines the sacred nation-states of self, faith, technology, philosophy, intercourse, medications, politics, funds, crime, conflict, kin, and non secular paths “with no holds barred, with braveness and a feeling of excitement”. Lilly’s goal is to supply readers with a special view of internal truth to assist them spread new parts for development and self-realization.

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If you have made your own clothing, where did the cloth come from? If you have made your own cloth, where did its fibers come from? And so on. Are you going to grow your own cotton, raise your own sheep, make your own wool, and carry out your nature trip to the extent that we did a hundred years ago in advancing across our country? I have noticed that fads of many types circulate among "back to nature" people—fads concerning brown rice, for example, or vitamins in various forms—"special" forms of vitamins often called "organic," as if the others were inorganic.

Some of these are potentially movable into awareness. Some of these are not so movable. Some of these are kept out of awareness by control programs designed to keep them out of awareness. Certain kinds of feeling-thinking-action are subject to these control programs. These control programs control the flow of energy into channels allowed. " The "should/ought" form assumes the existence of an alternative program-instruction which is of more value than the currently operating program. The "should/ought" form usually involves a direct interlock with some basic belief system.

In the resulting maneuvering that can take place with most parents, there develop certain rules in the infant's biocomputer for obtaining love from a loved person. These rules happen to be unique and peculiar to the two individuals—the mother and the father—that the child happens to have been born to. This primal preliminary kind of programming that goes on with each one of us 48 simulation's of cod then leads to expectations of the receipt of love from external entities under certain conditions.

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