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Who wrote them? The following books are not only brilliant scientific treatises, which have revolutionised man's thought, but are 'the precious life-blood of master spirits'. Who wrote them? (a) The Newer Alchemy (Galen, Evangelista Torricelli, Ernest Rutherford). (b) The Origin of Species (Max Planck, Charles Darwin, Tycho Brahe). (c) The Principia (Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Joseph Lister). (d) The Elements (Euclid, John Dalton, Enrico Fermi). (e) The Autobiography (Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Benjamin Franklin).

Fill in the numerals In the sentences given below there are some blanks. Words would not do here. Numerals are needed. (a) High tide occurs every hours and minutes on the earth. (b) A house spider has legs single eyes, and spinnerets. (c) In an average adult the total capacity of the lungs, when fully inflated, is nearly litres. However extensive he may breathe litres of air can never be expelled. (d) The human backbone is a long, curved chain of separate bones called vertebrae. (e) On an average a human mouth contains teeth teeth are in the upper jaw and in the lower jaw.

D) The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. (e) Cold stars are blue-white whereas hot stars are red. (f) Red cloth reflects only red light. It absorbs almost all the other colours. (g) Magnetized and unmagnetized iron are physically different but chemically the same. 64. Birds are omnipresent Go any place, and you will see a bird there. Birds are indeed omnipresent. In the following are given ten birds. First unjumble them and then tell where they are often found. (1) TTILS (2) EDOV (3) RNACE (4) DIRBALITOR (5) RIOLEO (6) BILLSPOON (7) IEPTREE (8) AILTINP (9) BILLSPOT (10) CHAFFCHFFI 65.

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