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1905. The undreamed of percentages which guy could in attaining via his personal psychological keep watch over. a lot of this ebook is dedicated to exterior concerns which guy can detach from himself and throw away. via shaking out of his brain each bulky considered discord and blunder he may perhaps divulge to view the genuine guy in all of the perfection which his author bestowed upon him, and therefore upward thrust to that divine top of purity and perfection which has formerly been deemed inaccessible.

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His thinking is his own and never another's, and another's need never be his unless he chooses to accept it; therefore the responsibility is all his own also, but the compensation for that lies in the fact that his action may be unimpeded and uninfluenced -- free. The law, in the person of an officer, can take charge of one's body and transport it from place to place or lock it up in prison, can dispose of a man's property as it sees fit, and may compel him to do many things which he himself does not wish to do; but unless he allows it, no human power can enter his mind to interfere with his thinking, 32 A man's thoughts are his own until he gives them utterance, and in the world of his own mind each man may reign supreme.

But here is a method whereby it may be destroyed, and this is the method of Jesus, the Christ. ) He would have us put all error (and that includes all sin) out of the mind completely. To do this is the essential of forgiveness, because to forgive means to put away; and when we have put away from ourselves (by putting them out of mind) our own errors and the errors of others, they will not any longer exist to trouble us. When every one does this, there will no longer be any sin. He who destroys the discordant thoughts cannot do otherwise than think harmonious ones, and the destruction of all discordant thoughts would leave in existence only those which are harmonious.

To establish any habit the action of the mind only needs to be given the right direction by continuous repetition, but it is all-important that the obtruding thought should be banished every time and on the instant that it appears. Man should understand this fact, be encouraged by it, and take advantage of it. An immense proportion of our good actions are habitual, and that is as it should be. " We should establish the habit of good, useful, and virtuous actions as soon as possible by setting up correct habits of thinking.

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