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This e-book makes use of insights from non secular reports, literary thought, and the background of technology for realizing the Sumerian composition Nanse and the Birds within the context of the previous Babylonian scribal institution. The discussions of Babylonian faith, literature, and scholarship concentrate on the usefulness and relevance of those glossy recommendations for categorizing the traditional textual content. the quantity offers the 1st serious version of Nanse and the Birds, in addition to variants of the hymn Nanse B and all 3rd millennium and previous Babylonian lexical lists of birds. It comprises 37 plates with photos and line drawings, together with many formerly unpublished pills. the ultimate bankruptcy discusses the id and orthography of all Sumerian poultry names in literary, administrative and lexical texts.

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It is important to realize, therefore, that there are many incongruities between ‘literature’ in the modern sense of the word and our application of this concept to ancient Mesopotamia. Moreover, there is no clear candidate for a contemporary Sumerian or Akkadian word for literature, so that we cannot use an existing ancient categorization to isolate a group of texts that we want to classify as literary. As a category, therefore, Mesopotamian literature is a creation of modern scholarship and it therefore needs careful and explicit definition.

And to musicians playing and singing, the text is not meant to provide a systematic description of the rituals, so that even in this case much remains unclear (Nanˇse Hymn 38–46): The shepherd chosen by her in her holy heart, Gudea, the ruler of Lagaˇs, placed the instrument Cow-of-Abundance among the tigi drums and placed the holy balag˜ drum at its side. While sacred songs and harmonious songs were performed before her, the kintur instrument praised the temple. The chief musician played the ibex horn for her.

3 See the fundamental critique by Cooper 2001. 4 See Loprieno 1996a for a discussion of a similar approach in Egyptology. 1. Approaches to Sumerian Literature that texts like these were composed in early periods and the very existence of the compositions in question before the Old Babylonian period is a matter of conjecture only. The problem with the documentary approach would not be resolved, however, with earlier manuscripts. The approach assumes, in a variety of ways, that there is some identifiable relationship between the contents of the text and historical events.

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