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By Harold Bloom

The writer of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles is without doubt one of the bestknown technological know-how fiction/fantasy writers this present day. This name, Ray Bradbury, a part of Chelsea residence Publishers’ glossy serious perspectives sequence, examines the key works of Ray Bradbury via full-length serious essays through professional literary critics. moreover, this name includes a brief biography on Ray Bradbury, a chronology of the author’s lifestyles, and an introductory essay written through Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of the arts, Yale collage.

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Its freedom is our prison and our defeat and death. A good idea should worry us like a dog. We should not, in turn, worry it into the grave, smother it with intellect, pontificate it into snoozing, kill it with the death of a thousand analytical slices. This collection should be taken up by all of us who would like to remain childlike and not childish in our 20-20 vision, borrowing such telescopes, rockets, or magic carpets as may be needed to hurry us along to miracles of physics as well as dream.

How did it happen? After all, back in the twenties and thirties, there were no science fiction books in the curricula of schools anywhere. There were few in the libraries. Only once or twice a year did a responsible publisher dare to publish one or two books which could be designated as speculative fiction. If you went into the average library as you motored across America in 1932, 1945, or 1953 you would have found: No Edgar Rice Burroughs. No L. Frank Baum and no Oz. In 1958 or 1962 you would have found no Asimov, no Heinlein, no Van Vogt, and, er, no Bradbury.

Corwin, a radio and film producer, convinced Bradbury that his best course was to take the stories to New York and seek their publication personally. Bradbury was making little money as a writer at that time, and his wife Marguerite was expecting their first child. Still, the couple managed to scrape enough together to purchase a single round trip Greyhound bus ticket. 00 a night room at a YMCA in New York, and began visiting publishers. At first the results were discouraging, since there was a limited market for short stories.

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