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By Imogen Rose

A complete 12 months has handed. It’s October back… or is it?

As California teenager, Arizona Darley, contemplates touring again in the course of the portal to find her dad, her existence is plunged right into a whirlwind trip throughout the unknown.

yet this time, she does not disappear in the course of the portal.

Has Arizona been kidnapped–again? Is Raj Sen accountable? may well Dillard have taken her?

As Kellan, David and her mom and dad release a frantic seek with assistance from the Wanderers, it turns into obvious that issues are even more advanced than they appear – for them all. whereas investigating her daughter's most up-to-date disappearance, Olivia faces stunning revelations concerning the Wanderers and her existence with Rupert.

In the period in-between, what is taking place in New Jersey? Are either one of Arizona's worlds approximately to collide?

Quantum is the 3rd e-book within the Portal Chronicles. seize the beginning of Arizona’s adventures in Portal and Equilibrium.

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I wasn’t just running; I was sprinting. I kept glancing back, hoping that a cop car would come by. Then I tripped. Stupid rock. I fell knees-first onto the hard concrete, but managed to steady myself, preventing my face from hitting the pavement. ” David–I gathered that was his name–asked as he tried to pull me up. “Ouch! ” I yelled and hit him. ” “Let me get you to the ER. ” My eyes were welling up from the intense pain in my knees. What if I had fractured them? What if I couldn’t play hockey?

I’ve been living with the Weeks’. The Elders decided that Grayson should look after me until I leave for college. ” “Nothing has really changed. ” “Dad, I haven’t got time. I have to leave soon,” Simla said sadly. “Olivia is waiting for me. She brought me through. ” “Simla, I can’t. Not yet. Olivia brought you through? ” “I tried, but can’t yet. I’m trying to learn on my own, meditation and all that stuff. The Elders won’t help. ” “You’re resourceful, Simla. You’ll find a way. In the meantime, Olivia can transport you.

Half an hour was my guess, perhaps slightly longer. Shortly after the van stopped, the door opened and Dan let me out. “Go over to that house there and ring the bell. ” “Oh, drop the act, Arizona. You’re free now,” Dan muttered as he walked back to the driver’s door and got back into the van. I watched the van drive into the distance before I turned to look at the house. It could be a trap. In fact, it almost certainly was. I would be much better off trying to find a cop and getting some real help.

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