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Functional recommendation from the writer of the No. 1 hardcover of the decade for filling on a daily basis with wonder,power, and fulfillment.Awaken your strength to create sensible miracles that you should comply with life's demanding situations and reply with larger peace, pleasure, and love.John grey presents 9 guiding rules to dwell by:Believe as though miracles are really possible.Live as though you're loose to do what you want.Learn as though you're a beginner.Love as though for the 1st time.Give as though you have already got what you need.Work as though funds does not matter.Relax as though every little thing may be okay.Talk to God as though you're being heard.Feast as though you could have no matter what you want.Practical Miracles for Mars & Venus additionally offers new sensible instruments for taking cost of your future.

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The slightly older souls needed something to challenge their new potential to create miracles and thereby stimulate and empower themselves. They wanted to feel the power to make their dreams come true. If their religion didn’t show them how, they looked elsewhere. Spiritual Algebra 53 If their religion didn’t make people feel good about themselves, then they looked elsewhere. During the last two hundred years, and particularly in the last fifty years, an increasing number of people changed to a different religion, joined a newly formed religion, started their own religion, or simply pulled away from organized religion to join the new “religions” of science and technology, consumerism, pop culture, psychology and therapy, environmentalism, holistic medicine, or the budding selfhelp movement, complete with books, manuals, experts, healers, diets, support groups, twelve-step programs, and workshops.

Without dietary changes a healing may not last. Symptoms go away in a healing session, but within a few days they may come back. If we continue to poison ourselves with just a few particular foods, the effect of a healing disappears almost as quickly as it was gained. With a few new insights about drinking and eating, and the practice of self-healing techniques, my clients and workshop participants have been automatically attracted to nutritious foods to rebuild and sustain a healthier body. After a healing takes place, healthy, nutritious food actually tastes better.

It is only a very short time before we will be able to use that ability and make incredible advances in our own lives. What we can do today in our inner and outer worlds will dramatically increase with every year. I have already witnessed it in my own personal life and in the lives of workshop participants. I see it not just in my work, but also in the work of other healers and teachers. Those of us who started using personal computers twenty years ago have had to suffer with slow processing speeds and limited storage space.

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