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By Luis Albornoz

This publication updates and revalidates serious political financial system of verbal exchange methods. it's destined to turn into a piece of reference for these attracted to delving into debates bobbing up from the functionality of conventional and new media, cultural and conversation policy-making or sociocultural practices within the new electronic panorama.

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10 The Political Economy of Communication The preferred research approach to the communication system has in recent years made reference to information and communication technologies (ICTs), with applied studies such as those by Garitaonandia et al. (2003), Prado et al. (2006), Saperas (2007), Marzal Felici and Casero Ripollés (2007), Badillo and Ortega (2008) and Beceiro (2009). Indeed, there is a clear preference for research on the forms and effects of ICTs and the expectations this generates about the resulting communication system.

On communication policy in Europe, see Bustamante (2003). In the case of Spain, Fernández Alonso and Santana (2000), Díaz Nosty (2006) and Murciano (1992, 2006). In Latin America, see Mastrini (2006). A general overview in the case of Europe can be found in the Council of Europe/ERICarts Institute (2007). , 2005). This is how Martinell Sempere (2006b) sets out the foundations of the Spanish strategy on culture and development. See the OIS website, the Portal de Cultura de América Latina y Caribe, Olmos (2008), Bustamante (2007a), and the interesting reports by Ma Trinidad García Leiva (2009) and Luis A.

For example, those originating from the national and international congresses of the ULEPICC (Latin Union of Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture), or Segovia’s (2006). This is the case with the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies or with YProductions (2007, 2009). Also the Traficantes de Sueños collective, publishing Moulier Boutang et al. (2004). The debates in My Creativity (Amsterdam, 16–18 November 2006) already pointed towards these new issues. 22 The Political Economy of Communication 11.

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