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For two, three or more CU-02 sheets, this type of table is easily written in the same form by adding one more Cu-Oz part ( Cu02/Ca )n-l in which n is the number of CU-Oz sheets. We can see in Table 1 , there are still many kinds of undiscovered compounds at the off diagonal part (combination of the different kinds of blocking layers), although sophisticated synthetic conditions are required. Especially in the case of T type, we can see many undiscovered compounds even at the diagonal part as well as at the off diagonal part.

119. 123. 127. 129. 137. 139. 141. 146. 160. 162. 164. 2. Schematic structure a) plan ,b) side,c) section,d) cubic lattice of high Tc structure model with H' ion at the face-centered site of the perovskite type structure model, where the length for direction of a-axis equals the length for direction of baxis. Jo, K. Shimomura,Nature 334(1988) 11 47 Annealing Effect on Superconductivity of La2Cu04 Single Crystals 1. Tanaka, H. Takahashi, and H. Kojima Institute of Inorganic Synthesis, Faculty of Engineering, Yamanashi University, Miyamae 7, Kofu 400, Japan Abstract.

As mentioned above, hole (electron) doping is favorable when a :s ( > ) O. lCU206 (nos. 24 and 25) and La2SrCu206 (no. 26) may become superconducting if the carriers (possibly holes) are appropriately doped [5]. An analogous statement is also applicable to P~Sr2NdCeCu301o (no. 12). Compound GcbCu04 (no. 5 < {3 < O. Through carrier dopings, the parent materials found in this region may become either p-type supEl'COnductors with Tc of higher than 120 K, n-type superconductors, or insulators by reason of localization of the holes [6], from extrapolation regarding Fig.

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