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Vibrations of Shells and Plates, Third Edition

With more and more subtle constructions all in favour of sleek engineering, wisdom of the complicated vibration habit of plates, shells, curved membranes, earrings, and different complicated buildings is key for today’s engineering scholars, because the habit is essentially assorted than that of straightforward constructions similar to rods and beams.

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Codes based on this so-called diffusive pencil beam model are, for example, the deposition module of the SUPERCODE [204] or PENCIL [205]. In the PENCIL code and its relatives, the beam geometry is mainly simplified by ignoring the beam divergence and focusing. e. in the central region of the plasma torus. In the recently developed fast beam deposition code, SINBAD [167], a more refined analytical model, the so-called ‘narrow beam’ model is used which assumes that the actual ion sources can be approximated by point sources.

Therefore, most users have written their own subroutines modelling the neutron emission. In these models, realistic flux surface geometry and anisotropic ion distribution functions are usually not taken into account for simplicity. B. Wolle / Physics Reports 312 (1999) 1—86 49 E Neutron cross sections: Knowledge on neutron cross sections is based on measurements and is summarized in data banks of evaluated nuclear data such as the ENDF/B—VI system [353], the IRDF library [354] or the FENDL library [355].

The spectral neutron flux has been calculated at a point inside the vessel, 35 cm from the vessel wall. The plasma data of the model plasma were taken similar to the parameters of the JET PEP discharge C26705 [160]. Several codes for neutron transport simulation are available such as the ray tracing code FURNACE [345], the 2-D explicit transport code TRIDENT [346], the Monte Carlo codes McBEND [323], TRIPOLIS-2 [347], VINIA-3DAMC [275,348], MORSE [349] or TIMOC [350]. Furthermore, a one-dimensional adjoint neutron transport code is part of the recently developed radiation transport code system BERMUDA [351,352].

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