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By Elizabeth Daniels

Passionate about Captain Caleb Innes, a bronzed seaman, Kate Paradise, the blameless younger daughter of Caleb's youth sweetheart, hopes to achieve his recognition by way of proving to him that she is a grown girl. unique.

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She asked Sparks. Satisfied that the door he guarded was secured against intruders once more, Sparks settled back in his chair. He was a mountain of a man, and executed his job as a bouncer for Lily Walsh quite well. Sometimes, he even got the pleasure of tossing an unruly customer out on his keister. "Bull Run Allen's out there tonight. Ya take care," Sparks rumbled. Kate paused and pushed her hat back. "Ned Page 26 Allen? " Kate considered his suggestion a moment, then shook her head. " Sparks frowned, his heavy brows drawing together over his low forehead.

The gun had been specially designed for her, a gift from her father, who had insisted each of his children learn to defend themselves. "It's time to go, Davy. " she asked softly. Page 18 David punched the pillows beneath the coverlet into a better resemblance of a sleeping form. He pulled his own cap firmly in place over his fair hair. "Yeah. You're lucky he's been helpin'ya, Katie. I sure wouldn't want ya creepin' through Chinatown or the Coast alone. " Kate's eyes softened with affection. " David grinned.

Phael muttered. " Innes asked. Zack shrugged. "She's been keepin' him company at the bar but she ain't too happy about it. " Phael squared his shoulders beneath the dark rich fabric of his jacket. "Well, he's not hedging me out of this bet," he declared, and strutted toward the parlor. Amused at the younger man's attitude. Ben and Caleb followed at a slower pace. Innes jerked his head in Phael's direction. His eyes crinkled in a smile. " he demanded of his companion. Paradise looked at his son's broad back, noting how the tailor-made jacket accented Phael's trim build and height.

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