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By Elaine Landau

Nearly ten years after the 9-11 terrorist assaults at the usa, an elite staff of U.S. targeted forces shocked the realm with a dramatic and bold feat. almost immediately after middle of the night on might 1, 2011, a U.S. army SEALs workforce stormed a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed its most-wanted inhabitant—Osama bin weighted down, the mastermind at the back of al-Qaeda. This militant staff deliberate the September eleven, 2001, aircraft hijackings that killed millions of individuals whilst the planes flew into the realm alternate heart in big apple urban and the Pentagon outdoor of Washington, D.C. the crowd is usually accountable for different terrorist assaults worldwide. because the network's chief, Osama bin weighted down grew to become the pinnacle aim within the United States's battle on Terror. during this attention-grabbing account, study extra in regards to the chief of the al-Qaeda community and the U.S. efforts that eventually introduced the world's so much feared terrorist to justice.

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I don’t know what the gates of hell look like, but it’s got to look like this,” noted John Maloney, a security director for an Internet firm at the World Trade Center. , terror struck for a third time. C. A hijacked airliner that departed from Virginia was spearheaded into the Pentagon. S. prowess and might—had been attacked. A huge smoke plume towered over the building, and soon a portion of the structure collapsed. Evacuation had begun immediately, but unfortunately that was still too late for many.

Bin Laden was a multimillionaire from Saudi Arabia who gave up comfort and wealth to lead armed Islamic militants in an international holy war. He traded a life of ease to carry out his plans from barren hideaways in the mountain caves of southern Afghanistan as well as other areas. Bin Laden claimed to have been motivated by his religious beliefs. Yet his views in no way reflect those of the vast majority of Muslims. Like most religious and law-abiding people around the globe, they find his philosophy and actions incomprehensible.

Clearly, his decision was based on genuine religious zeal, yet early on it had been obvious that he was never going to be the star of the family business. Though highly intelligent and intuitive, Osama was just one of many bin Laden sons and he frequently became lost in the shuffle. A guest at the bin Laden company headquarters described how Osama was treated by his older half brother Salim: [Mohammed] bin Laden’s eldest son Salim, was my host at the family’s lavish offices. Clean shaven and soft spoken, Osama was dressed in a well-tailored Western suit and tie.

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