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By V. Ramamurthy, Kirk S. Schanze

A attention of the improvement of photochemical platforms with capabilities as optical sensors or switches, discussing fabrics and chemical structures, expertise, and purposes for objective molecules and optical sign multiplexing. It includes novel functions in electrogenerated chemiluminescence and supramolecular photophysics for sensing chemical and organic analytes.

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B. Ternary Cyclodextrin Complexes In many cases, the binary complex of Scheme 1 is not preferred and a third species may associate. In the most trivial mechanism, ternary complexation simply serves to modify Scheme 1 by facilitating analyte association, thus improving detection sensitivity. Luong [256] has capped CDs with tetrakis-benzoic acid porphyrin (2) to increase the hydrophobicity of the cavity and thus enhance the Buckets of Light 27 complexation thermodynamics of polyaromatic hydrocarbons to the CD bucket.

For the purposes of most chemosensors, β = 1 is a good approximation. Thus the electron transfer rate constant will decrease by a factor of 10 for every 2-Å increase in the electron transfer distance. This distance dependence provides the impetus for the design of chemosensor active sites possessing donor–acceptor pairs. , the reporter site). The proximity of the reporter site to acceptor will give rise to a quenched luminescence signal. An analyte that increases the distance between the reporter and acceptor will be detected by an increase in the luminescence signal.

Scheme 6 34 Rudzinski and Nocera The competitive association of analyte for a dansyl-included CD determines the overall sensitivity of the chemosensor. 1-Adamantanol and cyclododecanol engender significant responses from 6 (γ-CD), but smaller alcohols, such as (–)-borneol, geraniol, nerol, cyclooctanol, and cyclohexanol, give less sensitive responses. The same is true for nonfluorescent steroids such as deoxycholic acids [322]. This class of analytes fits most snugly into 6 (β-CD); association constants in excess of 106 M−1 are observed.

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