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By Bruce Chatwin

Lewis and Benjamin Jones, exact twins, have been born with the century on a farm at the English-Welsh border. For 80 years they continue to exist the farm—sharing an analogous outfits, tilling a similar soil, napping within the related mattress. Their lives and the lives in their neighbors—farmers, drovers, monks, investors, coffin-makers—are purely obliquely touched via the chaos of twentieth-century progress.

still, the twins’ world—a few sq. miles of Welsh countryside—is wealthy within the oddities, the wonders, and the tragedies of the human event. during this amazing novel Bruce Chatwin has captured each nuance of the Welsh panorama and of the lives and souls of the folks who lived there.

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This was the first time Lewis demonstrated his power to draw the pain from his brother, and take it on himself. He was the stronger twin, and the firstborn. To show he was the firstborn, Dr Bulmer nicked a cross on his wrist; and even in the cradle he was the stronger. He was 38 unafraid of the dark and of strangers. He loved to rough-andtumble with the sheepdogs. One day, when nobody was about, he squeezed through the door of the beast-house, where Mary found him, several hours later, gabbling away to the bull.

Then they got lost. 39 At four o'clock, Amos went off to pull for Rhulen in the tug-of-war; and since Mary had entered for the Ladies' Eggand-Spoon Race, she left the twins in charge of Mrs Griffiths Cwm Cringlyn. Mrs Griffiths was a big, bossy, shiny-faced woman, who had twin nieces of her own and prided herself as an expert. Lining the boys up side by side, she scrutinized them all over until she found a tiny mole behind Benjamin's right ear. ' she called out loud. ' - whereupon Benjamin shot a despairing glance at his brother, who grabbed his hand, and they both dived through the spectators' legs and hid in the marquee.

Take ye no notice,' she said, unfolding a clean linen table-cloth; for, no matter how hard the times, she always spread a clean white linen cloth for tea. She was a good woman who hoped the world was not as bad as everyone said. She had a bad heart brought on by poverty and overwork. Sometimes, she took her spinningwheel up the mountain and spun the wisps of sheep's wool that had caught in the gorse and heather. She never forgot an insult and she never forgot a kindness. Once, when she was laid up, Mary sent Sam over with some oranges and a packet of Smyrna figs.

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