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Considerations of this kind, more or less quantitative, enable us to understand a great number of facts about the internal structure of solid matter. Similar methods can also be applied to the equilibrium of atoms in molecules, but I shall not discuss them, for the problem of atomic structure is really not one of statics but dynamics, as it involves the motion of electrons in the atom. Before we proceed to the consideration of minimum principles in dynamics where the situation is not as clear and satisfactory as in statics, we must first mention another part of physics which in a sense occupies an intermediate position between statics and dynamics.

8) and all curves through P which have the same direction at P. , one with the smallest curvature. I have a model of a surface with the help FIG. 8. Lines of minimum curvature on a surface. of which I can demonstrate to you the straightest curve. There are two small loops fixed on the surface, through which I can thread a piece of a piano wire. This offers resistance to bending in virtue of its elastic properties and, therefore, assumes the straightest shape possible on the surface. I now take a piece of string and pull it through the two loops.

10. Steel tape carrying a weight (Elastica). material so that they do not contribute appreciably to the weight). If I disturb the equilibrium of the chain in an arbitrary way you observe that the center of gravity is always rising. I will now show you an example where gravity competes with another force, 40 PHYSICS IN MY GENERATION elasticity (Fig'. 10). tfference between the genuine minimum principles of statics and the formal variational principles of dynamics, as we shall see later on. A steel tapt:!

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