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By Peter Wild, Lee Ranaldo

For greater than twenty-five years, the antimelodic “noise” of Sonic formative years has assaulted us, exhilarated us, encouraged us. Why?

Katherine Dunn says this is because they function within the foggy international among the true and the surreal. Mary Gaitskill says that Sonic early life stuck her, years in the past, while she used to be falling. J. Robert Lennon says the reason for this is that Sonic formative years rip it aside. Emily Maguire was once hooked simply because as soon as she was once in love with chaos.

Their sound is caustic, elemental, nihilistic—and really in contrast to the other cult band ever to accomplish rock godhood. In Noise, twenty-one nice literary voices supply brief fiction in accordance with or encouraged by way of songs from Sonic Youth—a raucous coupling of song and literature that includes marrow-colored goo, severed palms and deserted infants, Patty Hearst observing the apocalypse on television, and different unruly pictures of the Zeitgeist.

Hiag Akmakjian • Christopher Coake • Katherine Dunn • Mary Gaitskill • Rebecca Godfrey • Laird Hunt • Shelley Jackson • J. Robert Lennon • Samuel Ligon • Emily Maguire • Tom McCarthy • Scott Mebus • Eileen Myles • Catherine O'Flynn • Emily Carter Roiphe • Kevin Sampsell • Steven Sherrill • Matt Thorne • Rachel Trezise • Jess Walter • Peter Wild

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