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By Ray Spangenburg

"Niels Bohr, Revised version" delves into the lifestyles and paintings of the founding father of the fashionable atomic conception, highlighting his study at the atom and its constitution, the following improvement of the nuclear age, and his efforts to exploit his impact to advertise peace. This revised version deals new sidebars on topics of curiosity, together with the instruments of physics, biographical profiles, and the hot play and movie "Copenhagen", which has raised moral matters surrounding the connection among technology and society in the course of wartime. also, a brand new ultimate bankruptcy seems at string thought, the speculation that makes an attempt to unravel the common paradoxes that experience questioned such a lot of for the reason that Bohr's time.

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An atom, he said, was primarily a positively charged sphere, embedded with negatively charged electrons, much as raisins are embedded in a plum pudding or pound cake. These electrons, researchers began to realize, determined how elements combined, and it began to become apparent that all chemistry was ultimately a matter of electrical attractions. Niels, working very near the cutting edge of his field, was exploring how the theory of electrons related to the characteristics of metals. Meanwhile, Harald, back from the Olympics, moved steadily forward to work on his own master’s thesis in mathematics, finishing before his brother, in 1909.

Thomson accepted the dissertation cordially and placed it on top of a stack of papers on his desk. his less-than-complete command of English. His colleagues couldn’t understand, for example, what he meant by “loaded” electrons (he meant “charged”), and his miscommunications were often comical. On other occasions the handicap must have been very frustrating. In one instance, at a meeting, Thomson waved aside comments by Bohr as useless, only to restate the same ideas in different words. Finally Bohr could stand the suspense no longer, and he went again to visit Thomson.

Prior to his death, his father had helped arrange a grant for the young physicist’s postgraduate work, to be pursued under the guidance of none other than Joseph John Thomson—“J. ” to the world (his students included)—discoverer of the electron and head of the prestigious Cavendish Laboratory. Niels lost no time making contact. As soon as he had found a place to live and done the minimal unpacking, he set off to see J. D. dissertation into English (done, rather badly, by a friend) and a copy of one of J.

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