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By Peter Sjöstedt-H

Neo-Nihilism: the Philosophy of Power

– Introduction
– Morality is Illusion
– legislation is Force
– lifestyles is Will to Power

This textual content concisely places ahead the case for a kind of nihilism – fusing ideas from Hume, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, among others. It forcefully argues that morality as we all know it's a strength constitution disguised as wisdom; that legislations is predicated upon this fake idol; and that hence strength is, in truth, the foundation of all life.

Written via the thinker Peter Sjöstedt-H of


Peter Sjöstedt-H is an Anglo-Scandinavian thinker who specialises within the considered Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Bergson, and in the box of Philosophy of brain. Peter has a Bachelor’s measure in Philosophy and a Master’s measure in Continental Philosophy from the collage of Warwick, the place he used to be presented a first-class contrast for his dissertation on Kant and Schelling when it comes to ‘intellectual intuition’. Peter accordingly turned a Philosophy Lecturer in South Kensington, London for 6 years prior to returning to the tranquility of westernmost Cornwall along with his accomplice and younger son. he's now an autonomous thinker, giving talks round Europe when writing essays, articles and books.

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So no universal prescriptive morality can be derived from the will to power as universal principle. Nero’s means, ought-clause, of attaining power would not be happily accepted by his Christian or slum-dwelling subjects. Napoleon’s means to his end were not his enemies’ means. Although the end of power is objective, the means are subjective, so the is-ought gap is not bridged here, nor is it desired to be bridged. Nietzsche contends that the objective morality that most western subjects put faith in today germinated two millennia ago with the advent of Christianity.

It was a cult which preached weakness, humility, compassion, faith, hope and charity to be the highest virtues. Such characteristics of course empowered the weak – those who needed charity, hope, equality, compassion given to them, a God who blessed them as being weak. A weakling who has nothing to be proud of will gain power by proliferating the view that humility is a virtue, pride a vice. ‘Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth’ Jesus said, Matthew reported. This kind of ideology that empowers and ennobles the weak for being weak Nietzsche calls ‘slave morality’.

If one did not want an egalitarian society, one would not wear it. And one could not retort that not wanting to wear it was immoral, as the concept ‘immoral’ is founded on choosing to wear the veil. Rawls et al presuppose that equality is good in order to prove equality is good: a serpent that bites its own tail. Another popular ethical system in America, with the misnomer ‘Objectivism’, coined and fabricated by the novelist Ayn Rand also suffers error. She talks about the ‘virtues of selfishness’ whereas a little selflessness would suit her the better.

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