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By B.W. Powe

Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye are of Canada’s crucial cultural figures, colleagues and opponents whose careers spread out in curious concord whilst their highbrow engagement used to be adversarial. Poet, novelist, essayist and thinker B.W. Powe, who studied with either one of those bold and influential intellectuals, provides an exploration in their lives and paintings in Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye: Apocalypse and Alchemy.

Powe considers the life of a distinct visionary culture of Canadian humanism and argues that McLuhan and Frye characterize fraught yet complementary methods to the research of literature and to the wider engagement with tradition. reading their eloquent yet usually acid responses to one another, Powe exposes the scholarly controversies and private conflicts that erupted among them, and significantly the nice commonalities of their writing and biographies. utilizing interviews, letters, notebooks, and their released texts, Powe bargains a brand new alchemy in their inspiration, within which he combines the philosophical hallmarks of McLuhan’s “The medium is the message” and Frye’s “the nice code.”

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How did spirituality unite them? If the two meet in intersections, then they must also divide and travel down separate paths. The contrasts between them come in decisive issues of method and sensibility: how to organize observations and recognitions, how to compel readers and audiences, how to continue explorations, how to offer the key to Pentecostal voices and grace. Frye glimpsed the differences between their methods and intentions, what he calls the revisionary “anti-book,” in this candid notebook entry: There is, then, if I’m right, a lesser & greater antibook … The lesser is the Christian-Classical one … [the greater] the Xn-Buddhist one … one is personal, theistic, & voluntary & the other depersonalized, atheistic, & enlightened, I haven’t a clue how to proceed.

Once we are initiated into the power of the four levels, do we edge towards what wants to speak through us? Poets seek intensified experience; poetics teach us this intensity of intuitional power is within our reach, in part when activated by the inspiration of numbers. And so exegesis becomes a symbolic, transformative event. The four energies of the life force, according to esoteric wisdom, are configured in love, inspiration, time, and death. ) First, the literal: this is the sensual level of engagement with textual experience.

11 McLuhan and Frye admonished us, there should be no followers. I will explore this admonishment in a later chapter. ” Jacob would not release this nameless night figure until he blesses him. It is difficult to tell what sort of ethereal being it is that Jacob fights. The dark figure seems vampiric. He (or she) fears the dawn. But this is a being that comes to bid him rise to life, the conflict of being. After their 26 Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye combat goes on for hours in darkness, the angel mysteriously disappears.

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