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The oceans at once impact weather and climate, affecting our day-by-day lives in lots of methods. Marine technology contains all the sciences regarding the ocean, together with marine biology and oceanography. delivering academics with new and cutting edge school room investigations in a transparent and obtainable structure, Marine technological know-how Experiments offers 20 experiments during this department of technological know-how, on such themes as plankton, salinity, marine sediments, whales, and ocean areas. Experiments are supported via enticing, full-color figures and line illustrations to assist carry scholars' realization whereas explaining vital marine technology issues.

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What’s Going On? Plankton live in the photic zone, the part of the ocean that receives sunlight (see Figure 2). Phytoplankton have several adaptations for staying afloat. Spines, spikes, bristles, and projections help keep them in the 6. Staying Afloat 35 upper regions of the water column. Some have eyespots for detecting light and flagella for helping them swim toward the light. Their bodies are shaped so that they have a large surface area. Many have vacuoles that contain air or oil, making them more buoyant.

Further Reading NOAA Paleoclimatology. ” Available online. html. Accessed October 10, 2009. The Web site includes a map showing the thermohaline circulation. Roach, John. “Global Warming May Alter Atlantic Currents, Study Says,” NASA, Ocean Motion and Surface Currents. National Geographic, June 27, 2005. Available online. org/html/impact/ 7. htm. Accessed June 13, 2009. Roach reports on current research in changes in the global thermohaline circulation in this article. Windows to the Universe. “Density of Ocean Water,” August 31, 2001.

Html. Accessed October 10, 2009. Scientists report that iron regulates plankton production in the North Atlantic. Nature Works. “Plankton,” New Hampshire Public Television, 2009. Available online. htm. Accessed June 8, 2009. This Web page provides great descriptions and some clear line drawings of plankton organisms. 4. Salt Marsh Community Topic Life in a salt marsh is dictated by the movement of the tides. Introduction A salt marsh is an intertidal zone located between land and the sea or a brackish area, such as an estuary or bay.

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