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By Lotus Rose

The 1st quantity of the dementedly humorous 80’s nostalgia sequence, The Poniworld Chronicles, introduces us to MachoPoni. He’s a red pony who attempts to behave difficult, yet has a middle of gold.
And his middle has a smooth spot for a feminine pony named airborne dirt and dust. He’s enjoyed her ever in view that they have been young ones, although many might name him a idiot for doing so. simply because such a lot ponies may name dirt merciless and manipulative. however the a part of her that MachoPoni fell in love with, is part deep within that she doesn’t exhibit to others.
So whilst airborne dirt and dust is abducted and brought to the land of undead ponies, MachoPoni has no selection yet to rescue her.
If you grew up looking at 80’s My Little Pony cartoons, you’ll love this irreverent, twisted tackle ponies and 80’s popular culture. It’s enjoyable to seize all of the references to the 80’s, and in particular to the 12 months 1983. heavily, each e-book within the sequence happens in that yr, simply because in Poniworld, it’s always 1983.
These books are darkly funny, twisted parodies that youngsters shouldn’t be allowed to learn. They’re for these of you who are looking to revisit your adolescence, yet from the point of view of the slightly-off grownup you’ve develop into. They’re really “children’s books for adults,” brought with a twisted feel of humor.
But don’t fear. for those who didn’t develop up within the 80’s, there’s lots of enjoyable on hand for you too. arrange to benefit why the 80’s have been so gnarly!

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But nevermind that. Let's just play cuddlebears against ponies. " So the players divided into their teams of ponies versus cuddlebears. So it was eight cuddlebears against one poni. One of the cuddlebears was the goalie of their team. Macho didn't have a goalie, or maybe he was the goalie. And so, after Macho set his map on the ground, the game began. It was almost embarrassingly easy for Macho. At the beginning of the game, Macho immediately took the ball from a cuddlebear's possession, then galloped to the end of the field, where he easily kicked the ball past the goalie to score a point.

This is the DarkKingdom after all. Now, the trampoline has wheels that come out and a motor to drive it. It doesn't go fast, but it goes. Just take it out of here. And take yourself with it, dorkhead. " Humiliated, Macho prepared to drive the trampoline. The Territory of the Chill-Aid Man was next. CHAPTER 8 The Territory of the Chill-Aid Man Macho whirred forward along the yellow brick road on top of the trampoline. He controlled it by using a joystick on a control box connected by a wire into the underside of the trampoline.

CHAPTER 10 Praise the Infurnal Goat Machoponi retrieved his ball then began walking toward the bridge. He could see a gray, horned, four-legged goat standing in front of it. The bridge was made up of wooden planks connected to ropes which held the bridge up. The ropes were tied to stakes driven into the ground on each side of the chasm. The yellow brick road went from the wall to the bridge, then continued on the other side of a chasm to a gray castle a short distance away. Macho walked closer.

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