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By James M. Cain

Classic BOOKS version, reprint of 1945 printing. 1979 Random apartment mass marketplace paperback, James M. Cain (The Postman continuously earrings Twice). it's the tale of a chiseler, Ben Grace, who starts off out as chauffeur to a mobster and finally ends up deed. among instances, he rats on his boss, units up a reform Mayor, appropriates funds takes of the city (pinball, horses, etc.) and falls in love for the 1st time, with the klepto child of his accomplice, June, who loves him in her method.

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Yes, I'm listening, Mr. " "To the extent that it's a game of chance, it's wrong, and that part is against the law. " Mr. Yates' tone was dry, his expression ironical, his eye cold and steely. Ben jumped up and gave him a little, just a little, of the manner he had turned on Mr. Cantrell. "Listen, pal, I didn't come in to ask you to turn black into white, or whatever you mean by that crack about metaphysics. I separate them, by using different machines, a completely different class of amusement equipment.

He didn't exactly resist her; he would hardly have been human if he had, considering the inducements. But he was not quite so oafishly pleased, not so completely at a loss for replies. They were a little flat, perhaps, but they were articulate, and quite coolly considered. And constantly he studied her, as though he were trying to make up his mind about something, or to figure out something, into which she definitely fitted. Sunday night her high spirits had vanished, and she was glum, sad-eyed, clingy.

For all I did, taking a chance on my neck every other day--he paid me eighteen a week and I took it, that's the funny part. " "Not a thing. " Chapter 7 Inspector Cantrell raised his eyes as Ben came in, motioned vaguely to a chair, went on reading. In his manufacture, one would say that God had started with the feet, shaping them delicately; then proceeded to the body, making it strong and at the same time supple, not too large and not too small; then reached the head as the whistle blew for lunch.

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