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"This exhaustive and significant examine of the that means of Moses within the Bible demonstrates conclusively 'the Mosaicization of the canon'... Nohrnberg possesses a amazing typological mind's eye. No precis can do justice to the sheer brilliance of the congruities and disparities he discovers on each page." -- magazine of Religion"LIKE UNTO MOSES proposes a sequence of not easy views on theprocess of canon-formation within the Bible. James Nohrnberg's skill totrace connections between assorted components of the biblical corpus isunflaggingly inventive, occasionally provocative, and sometimes deeplyinstructive." -- Robert Alter"... an insightful learn of the traditions of Moses within the Bible." -- Choice"This is a formidably argued, huge book.... it really is additionally definitely the main subtle publication on Moses and the most subtle readings of the Bible which i've got ever had the excitement of reading.... i believe it's a impressive fulfillment and could suggest it to each reader of the Bible." -- R. P. Carroll, The Society for outdated testomony research booklet ListThe Moses of the Bible is a veiled determine who exists either inside and out the textual content which describes and defines him. "Moses" is a production of Israelite literary and scriptural culture, an ideological build, a reinvented reminiscence, a projection of what Israel wanted to work out in Moses. Nohrnberg examines the texts of "Moses" for his or her illustration of the tradition's self-doubt and its revisionary, "deuteronomic" content material.

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63), yet to be crossed. The covenant offered in Deuteronomy is conditional and revocable. The deuteronomic "exodus"this time the leaving behind of the schooling in < previous page page_29 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_30 next page > Page 30 the wildernesstherefore implies not salvation from the subjection of the past, but rather a dangerous departure from obedience to the deliverer in the future: from the literal Moses that the text subtends, reconstitutes, and spiritualizes.

This would be a void between a legendary pre-Israel of the patriarchs and the covenanted Israel of the tribal league; a void between an international class of itinerant servants or hirelings called habiru and a people who had incorporated as the servant of God; and a void between an Israel in which each man was his own priest and an Israel in which the whole elect nation constituted itself as a nation of priests and holy men. Moses' portrait answers to Israel's sense that somehow it had traversed such a void, appropriating a history of a "time of troubles"the plaguesas a time of consciousness-raising, and < previous page page_19 If you like this book, buy it!

The text says the Israelites had not made the booths from the days of Joshua son of Nun till that day (Neh. 8:17). Such a notice suffices to announce that the succession to Moses had rebegun in Ezra. In addition, Nehemiah's narrator has patently echoed a received description of the reform of Josiah, which was celebrated with an equally unique holiday: "Surely there was not holden such a passover from the days of the judges that judged Israel" (2 Kings 23:22). If Ezra as celebrant was a latter-day Josiah as well as a latter-day Joshua, this can only remind us that Josiah was himself an earlier second Moses.

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