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By William Butler Yeates; edited by Horace Reynolds

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This time the verdict is for the poet reviewed: "Dr. " He has done wha t his fellow exile failed to do - reponded to the newly awakened national ! "a lition. A younger man than AllingIII m, he was able to react to forces that IN'I"e dominating men twenty years his [unior. Three years later Yeats notices in 'l'iI' Pilot a shilling reprint of The Ban- 28 LETTERS TO THE NEW ISLAND shee, summarizing his long Journal review in a sentence: "Dr. " In Yeats's first note in The Pilot on Miss Ellen O'Leary's poems he wri tes : "Miss O'Leary's poems ...

He has sampled all the imaginative stimulants from table-rapping to Shelley's Intellectual Beauty, and they have been to him what other stimulants have been to other poets. To trace their succession by means of the marks they have left upon his poetry and prose will be the passion of some future scholar in poetry. Now we are attentive to the traces they have left here in these earl y articles. In one of his first letters to The Pilot Yeats mentions Colonel Olcott's lectures in Dublin on Irish goblins.

That Yeats was not unconscious of this con tradiction of ideal and practice, we have ample evidence. " But confession or no conf ssion, we must always remember that 'very Irishman is a born propagandist, und incorrigible. Has not Yeats only reccntly organized the Irish Academy and toured America to collect funds for it? Yeats's review of the poems of John Francis O'Donnell brings us into touch with the Southwark Irish Literary Club Illd the beginning of the ten years of or/"nnization and propaganda.

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