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2. aHHfI. 3. TXHfI cecrpa - imKeHep. 4. Mil1 CMH limBe TyT. 5. Bame CeJlO raM. 6. Ue MiA: >KypHaJi. 7. T yr iXH€ BiKHO. 8. lleHTKa. 9. Miii 6paT miwe. lO. TBin 30WHT ne>KHTb ryr. G. e? XTO 2 ue? ~•• .. (I r ' - .. 6 5 9 H. Insert the needed pronoun E x amp I e: ... CHJl,aTb • .. BiH 10 (R, mu, 8 7 IJ 12 8lll-, 80Ha, 8011-6, MU, IJU, 80Hft). 'I,HTb • . Mosi napTa . T yT .. CHllmy . 2. A ue MaKCUM . ,-em CH)V1Tb TyT. 3. A ue OKcaHa . . rem CHlliiTb i mi:we. 4. TaM Tapac i KaTepHHa .... Cll)l;HTb i cnYxaJOTb .

Ue iBaH. BiH $138K. lJ,e HiHa. BOHa cpi3HK. e CeMeH. BiH ninOT. ile KiMH

NeHTKa. eHTH? eHT? - TaK. BOIIH TYT. - Hi, aiR niJl&r. I{. Look at the picture and answer the questions: 1. e Micro? it MaTH TaM? 4. 6. BMa TaM? 7. HOK? 9. KaBYH II. XJli6 TaM? 2. Can TYT? 3. BaTbKO ,UiTH TYT? 5 . aiJi. Tyr? CTin Tyr? 8. aTyr? 10. Marno TYT? L. Look at the picture above and describe what you see In It. M. iJl. n. ioH (stadium) LESSON 4 Sound (it). , A, letter Written Commentary tetter Uu The consonant similar to y in boy or day. HT j crY,lleHTKa. eHT. BOAf" driver Ue 6MSa If OHYK.

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