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"Before you switch this publication over and start thumbing during the pages, you must comprehend anything. this isn't a type of books that tells you your lifestyles goes to be ideal. this is not a booklet that may make you're feeling like Joe or Jane Superchristian. And the beauty of that's you are in reliable corporation. There are not any ideal Christians--we all fight. if you are sincere with your self, you'll likely admit that while you are trying to persist with Jesus, you reduce to rubble much. you could even suppose like there is no lot of room for questions and screw ups within the Christian religion. however the fact is these questions and screw ups is a part of studying to stick to Jesus. it is time to imagine open air the field and spot that genuine religion does not imply attempting to healthy right into a specific mold--real religion potential being genuine with God. Jesus is for Liars does not draw back from any of the harsh subjects--it asks the tough, sincere questions that might allow you to discover who you're and who God is so that you can see that true...

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CHAPTER THE STRUGGLE WITH SPIRITUAL THREE He’s intimate, you know? Like the lover you’ve always wanted, but never knew you had. He’s my best friend, the one who’s always been there for me since before I understood what ‘having a best friend’ meant. He’s tangible in the most intangible of ways. I can feel his presence, but I can’t see him. It’s my time in prayer with him that means the most to me because that’s when I feel him showing up most often. Like he is really real. ” I remember sitting there next to Anne on her plaid couch as she spoke about her relationship with God.

I want to acknowledge the role you’ve played in my process of writing this book. We’ve never met, but knowing that you’d be reading these words has had a profound impact on what I’ve said. I’ve tried to be careful, to not say too much bad stuff, to build in the right amount of God-stuff so you know I’m a Christian, but also enough other stuff to help you understand that the word Christian doesn’t really answer all the questions about what it means to follow Jesus. Thanks for the time you’re investing in reading this.

During one hymn a good friend, someone I deeply respect, came over, threw his arm around me, and whispered, “What’s wrong with you? ” I guess he’d noticed I wasn’t clapping along or singing loudly or whatever. Maybe he could see my eyes dancing around as I tired to figure a way out of the room without embarrassing myself or ruining the moment for anyone else. Immediately, I felt guilty, like I’d committed a sin and made God angry, because I wasn’t floating down the same spiritual river as the rest of the congregation that day.

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