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By David Cotter

Representations of masochism - either overt and indirect - permeate the paintings of James Joyce. whereas a couple of critics have famous this, up to now there was no sustained and targeted research of this trope in his writings. David Cotter argues that such an exam is essential to knowing the meanings and messages of Joyce's paintings. including size to ethical, political and aesthetic concerns within the novels and tales - fairly Ulysses - this e-book offers a entire account of masochistic parts within the oeuvre of the 20th century's such a lot respected writer. Cotter attracts upon psychoanalytic conception and social background to demonstrate the subversive energy of 'perversity' within the literature of the fashionable interval.

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This resexualization works through the mechanism of the return of the repressed, whereby that Copyright 2003 by Taylor & Francis Eooks, Inc 28 James Joyce 6 the Perverse Ideal which is foreclosed in the imagined returns in the real. When the pressure of repressed desire becomes too great to be held back by the identification with authority, the subject projects the desire for which he feels guilty onto an object of desire beyond the self. The desire which he wishes to cancel is considered to originate in her, and he passes the blame for his desire onto her; she shouldn't have been wearing such a short skirt, or whatever.

By [ . . , p. 113) In "Proteus," when Stephen asks himself whether he would attempt to save a drowning man, he is stricken by a fear that he would be dragged down as well. , p. 5 7 , shifting suddenly from the drowning man to his mother, we see that he has come to perceive life as a cruel orgy of panic stricken people who are selfish in their dying: it is not only the violence of a struggling stranger that he would avoid, but also the clutching, teary love of his drowning mother. , p. 38), he denies malice, but resists sacrificing his individuality to the sordid sea of pain that is community.

The distinction to which I refer constitutes an aesthetics of proximity and distance: the Brobdignagians represent the grotesque, abject body, and the Lilliputians represent the classical, idealized body. When Gulliver watches a Brobdignagian nurse suckle a child, he thinks: I must confess n o object ever disgusted me so much as the sight of her monstrous breast, which I cannot tell d a t to compare with, so as to give the curious reader an idea of its bulk, shape, and colouc It stood prominent six foot, and could not be less than sixteen in circumference.

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