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The nice Writers sequence explores the lives of a few of the main said literary figures of the earlier half-century. A prophet of the Beat new release, Kerouac outlined Sixties counter-culture and the search for self together with his groundbreaking novel 'On The Road'.

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This, in part, reportedly inspired the idea of Kerouac’s Duluoz Legend, whereby all his works could be interconnected, and thus presented as one continuous work. But this is not to say that Kerouac always had his head in the clouds while on board the ship. On watch one night, he spotted a mine that would have otherwise sunk the ship. And he had undergone a change since his time on the SS Dorchester; according to Nicosia, a German submarine attacked the ship one morning, and upon hearing this, Kerouac simply turned over in his bunk and went back to sleep.

He worked briefly as a short order cook and soda jerk, but then eventually headed back to Lowell, fighting with his parents about his choices and feeling as though he barely recognized himself anymore. With this perspective, he wrote an apologetic letter to Coach Lou Little, and arrangements were soon made for Kerouac’s return to Columbia. However, because he had failed his chemistry class, he would temporarily lose his scholarship, and he would need four hundred dollars to cover his costs until it could be re-instated.

Already aware of his homosexuality at age seventeen, Ginsberg, a closeted virgin, fell in with the extroverted Carr easily, developing a crush on him that would cause his career interests to JACK AND THE BEATS TALK 45 shift from becoming a labor organizer to an aesthete—one who was most interested in philosophy and literature (though Ginsberg’s political leanings guided his public life as a poet and ultimately resulted in a life path that consistently combined both passions). It was Ginsberg and Carr who first hatched the idea of creating what they called a “New Vision,” or “post-human postintelligence,” inspired as they both were by French symbolist poets and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who they discussed for hours on end.

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