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The psychology of it is apparent. If you believe a thing is hard, it will be hard. If you think it is prodigious, you will be expecting mountains hard to remove. In my extensive teaching, I have discovered that intricacies of the mind, although profound, are yet simple and easy to understand. The average proportion of people healed in our classes is over 90 per cent. That is they give their testimony to the effect that they have had demonstrations during our classes. I am sure that this is the case because we make the thing so simple and so easy to understand.

I have squandered hundreds of dollars on laboratories throughout the United States to make sure that I was correct in this and now I know that I am correct! I have had personal training in all modern laboratory work and I know that I know what I say when I state that there is no test of the blood that will tell what ails the person from whom that blood was taken, unless the disease be of the blood itself! I have talked "confidentially'' with the heads of the best laboratories in the land and they have told me the same thing, but added, that inasmuch as their work was that of testing, they had to use the recognized, standard, ethical methods.

No, it will not. The blood of any animal--red blood or white blood-- carries food to all parts of the body and carries away the waste particles. The fluid that carries the food is called arterial fluid, while that which picks up and carries away the waste is called venus fluid. In warm-blooded, and in some cold-blooded animals, the food-carrying fluid is red and called arterial, or oxygenated blood, while the waste-carrying fluid is blue and called venus, or deoxygenated blood. This blood is a tissue just as much as muscle and bone are tissues.

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