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By Kevin R. Grazier, Stephen Cass (auth.)

Lighthearted, quirky, and upbeat, this booklet explores the portrayal of technology and expertise on either the large and little display -- and the way Hollywood is admittedly doing a greater task of having it correct than ever prior to. Grounded within the real-word, and sometimes state-of-the-art, technology and expertise that conjures up fictional technology, the authors survey Hollywood depictions of subject matters corresponding to quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and alien worlds. together with fabric from interviews with over dozen writers, manufacturers, and administrators of acclaimed science-themed productions -- in addition to scientists, technological know-how fiction authors, and technological know-how advisors -- Hollyweird technology examines reveal technological know-how fiction from the sometimes-conflicting vantage issues of storytellers, researchers, and audience. together with a foreword through Eureka co-creator and govt manufacturer Jaime Paglia, and an afterword by way of astronomer and technological know-how fiction writer Michael Brotherton, Ph.D., this booklet is out there to all readers from the layperson to the armchair professional to the pro scientist, and should satisfaction them all equally.

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So he did that. Often. That phrase still makes its way into episodes even today. 2 The Path to Nerdvana 35 Finally, there’s the Unknown: speculative science. In this arena, an honest scientist should acknowledge that a writer’s speculations are as valid as that of any expert, and a science advisor’s creative freedom is equal to that of a screenwriter. In fact, precisely because writers are often willing to speculate where experts may be reluctant to venture beyond what is defensible with known facts, science fiction has gained some respect among policy makers grappling with the implications of rapid technological development.

Wells. Actually, that is actor Jaime Murray, who played H. G. Wells on SyFy Channel’s Warehouse 13 … long story. Murray also plays Stahma Tarr on SyFy’s Defiance. (Photo by Kevin Grazier) makes such imaginations interesting is their translation into commonplace terms and a rigid exclusion of other marvels from the story. Then it becomes human. How would you feel and what might not happen to you, is the typical question, if for instance pigs could fly and one came rocketing over a hedge at you? How would you feel and what might not happen to you if suddenly you were changed into an ass and couldn’t tell anyone about it?

48 OK, so Michael Crichton’s novel Prey isn’t a film yet, but surely it’s only a matter of time. 2 The Path to Nerdvana 31 excellent depiction (admittedly, it wasn’t right on campus, but anybody who thinks its unusual for universities to put departments that could potentially go boom at some remove should look at a map and see where JPL is relative to Caltech). An ever-present, but scientifically inaccurate, trope is the depiction of sound transmitted through the vacuum of space: the explosion of the moon Praxis49, the roar of a TIE fighter (complete with Doppler shift as it passes through the field of view50)51, the “pew-pew-pew” of Cylon and Viper laser blasters52.

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