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By Judith Levin

Nearly 4,000 years in the past, a tender king named Hammurabi inherited the small and unimportant urban of Babylon within the sector of Mesopotamia, now in present-day Iraq. Over his lifetime, Hammurabi improved Babylon in measurement and in significance, making the town crucial within the area by the point of his dying. it's going to stay so for greater than 1,000 years. even though Hammurabi was once a political candidate, a diplomat, and a warrior, he's remembered usually for his code of legislations, the tall monument of stone inscribed with thousands of felony rulings that inspired the long run legislation of the quarter after which of the Western global. Hammurabi explores the lifestyles and occasions of a ruler often called "The King of Justice" in the course of the king s personal phrases and people of felony and ancient records and literature of the time.

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Theirs was a difficult and sad afterlife and, in many ways, an insecure, nervous, and gloomy mythology. It is possible to understand this as a reflection of their lives: The ancient Sumerians and Akkadians lived with those fierce, difficult rivers, the constant tensions between ­ city-­states and raids from nomads and other peoples. It was even a difficult ­landscape—­flat, treeless, brutally hot and dry, punctuated by windstorms, floods, and drought. It was a culture whose natural resources were mud and ingenuity, and not much else.

The food that comes from an udder is the milk given to a baby. Milk made into butter or cheese was also a source of protein for the Mesopotamian people. Many things ­ could—­and ­ did—­go wrong with crops, animals, and people, including floods or droughts, illnesses that seemed to come from nowhere (other illnesses could be recognized and dealt with), plagues of locusts, and invasions. There simply were a lot of things that were not in human control. The Mesopotamians understood that there were ways in which they were not masters of their fate.

Tribal peoples have produced complex and beautiful artworks, as well as caring for people who could not collect food for themselves. So, although the concept of the “cradle of civilization” is exciting, we should not lose sight of how ­wrong—­or brutal—“civilized” peoples have been to tribal ones. Mesopotamia: “The Cradle of Civilization” wrote tell us about their history: a list of kings, laws, ­instructions on how to plan a battle, the poetry that was written when a city was invaded. The People and the Gods The history we need to know to understand Hammurabi and his world begins very early.

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