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By R. A. Sheldon, Isabella Arends, Ulf Hanefeld

''Written by means of Roger A. Sheldon and his co-workers, this primary e-book to target catalytic strategies from the point of view of eco-friendly chemistry provides each vital element: a variety of catalytic mark downs and oxidation equipment; solid-acid and solid-base catalysis; C-C bond formation reactions; biocatalysis; uneven catalysis; novel response media like e.g. ionic beverages, supercritical Co[subscript 2]; and renewable raw Read more...

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The dry gel thus obtained is called xero gel. If the water and alcohol is exchanged against acetone and then against supercritical carbon dioxide the aqua gel can be dried avoiding the capillary forces and, thus, shrinkage of the gel. The aero gel obtained in this manner has a huge pore volume but is rather brittle [5]. The different sol gels obtained in this manner are all hydrophilic. If an alkyltrialkoxysilane such as methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) is added to the synthesis mixture, the sol gel prepared will have a hydrophobic surface.

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