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Notice the connections among globalization and environmental change--specifically the ozone layer, acid rain, pollutants, ecosystems, and sustainable development.

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According to a recent study by the Pentagon, severe droughts, flooding, and violent storms on an apocalyptic scale will force waves of boat people to drift from one country to another. Countries may set up virtual fortresses to keep out millions of migrants who leave land that is flooded by a rise in sea level or is no longer able to sustain crops. 1). Warmer temperatures, increases in evaporation, and water shortage cause longer periods of droughts, which can have a severe impact on food production.

21 Diversity in the planet’s life would not be recovered within the 10 million years of the human species’ expected lifespan. Once the species perish, they are gone forever. Species can disappear naturally, but the extinction rate is at least 10,000 31 32 Globalization and the Physical Environment times greater than the natural rate. 22 This high rate of extinction continues to increase even faster without intensive conservation efforts and education. 23 The loss of forests directly affects the world’s biological diversity, causing the mass extinction of huge numbers of plants and animals.

Freshwater habitats are altered due to building dams and draining wetlands for farming. Dam building has had the biggest influence on the aquatic environment by disrupting the flow of a river system. Some fish need to migrate up rivers to spawn before returning to the sea, but their passage is barred by a dam. In the case of the Colorado River, since water is depleted before 43 44 Globalization and the Physical Environment reaching the sea, fish species in a lower stream exist only in isolated pockets or completely disappear.

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