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Fig. 7 shows data at low q2 which is included in the analysis of Ref. 66. A normalization error of 3-4% in the data in the figures is not included in the error bars. 0t---------:;--~1t-------------- • Bonn D Dny 1966 • SLAC 1170 o Fig. 6. , Ref. 70. 984. 0 q 2 in fm-2 Fig. 7. , Ref. 71. J. MOHR 52 substituted for the electric and magnetic form factors GE (q2) and GM(q2) of the proton; ~ is the magnetic moment of the proton. s. 81 fm. If the approximation of one photon exchange together with the scaling relation GM(q2) = ~GE(q2) describes the scattering, then the cross section is proportional to GE2 (q2), and deviation of the slope of the data from zero at q2 = 0 signifies deviation of the value of R from the dipole value.

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